Updates: ‘Angry Birds Seasons’, ‘Real Racing 2’, and More

Weekdays are usually when updates start to trickle out, and I was thoroughly surprised when I checked what updates were available.

For starters, Angry Birds Seasons has been updated with 15 Valentine’s Day levels, new achievements, golden eggs (assumption from the little puzzle in the update list), and 3 secret levels.  And if you haven’t picked up Angry Birds Seasons yet, it’s definitely one that seems to be a nice investment for only $0.99.  This is the second update following the initial Christmas release, and with Easter coming up, I doubt Rovio Mobile is done updating.

As for Angry Birds, it’s been also updated with 15 brand new levels along with a new golden egg, more adventures in the Frontier Badlands, and a hidden clue found in the Angry Birds Rio Super Bowl commercial (now that’s a mouthful).

Real Racing 2 has also released a significant update with six new events, a tweaked Control E layout, multiplayer improvements including a change in rankings and multiplayer matchups, and other minor fixes and improvements.  And if you haven’t bought this racing game yet, it’s on sale for $4.99 until February 14th; I suggest you go on down and purchase before the sale ends.

And last but not least, Dungeon Defenders has been updated to include a new campaign mode and challenge, Hall of Heroes PvP competitive arena, Tavern Shop system, and in-app purchasing of Bank Mana.

These latest updates improve upon already great games, and if you haven’t picked up any one of them yet—again—I suggest you to do so in the sincerest way possible.

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