Hysteria Project 2 Released, Walkthrough Included

The sequel to the original Hysteria Project has been released for the iPhone and iPad.  If your not familiar with the series, the games take the unique turn of being more video based with you making decisions rather than frantic action gameplay.   I think, for some, this may be a welcome break from other horror games on the app store that have you fully controlling the character. BulkyPix, the publisher of Hysteria Project 2, promises from the app description that this sequel continues where the original left off.  The game starts with you waking up on a hospital bed and making a discovery of an unfamiliar tattoo on your arm.

Watch for a full review soon, and check out the gameplay videos below.  BulkyPix has also provided a walkthrough if your getting frustrated and stuck.  The original Hysteria Project is free to check out, and Hysteria Project 2 is available for iPhone and iPad for $1.99.

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