‘Rimelands: Hammer of Thor’ Goes Universal

Rimelands has been updated for the Retina display along with being able to sport the native resolution on the iPad.

It’s a great game that we gave a Must Have rating for, and for all you strategy fans out there, this is one you shouldn’t miss.  Especially when it’s only $1.99; overall Rimelands is a great game.

The goal is similar to that of a lot of RPGs: pick up quests, travel through dungeons, and fight your way through to complete the quests.  The difference in this game is the turn-based fighting mode, in which you inflict damage based on whatever you roll on the dice.  It does add more strategy elements to an otherwise generic RPG genre, and I personally loved the game.

With that said, here’s a complete update list:

  • Universal (Retina and iPad support)
  • HD cutscenes
  • Extra content: two new levels with unique textures, three new bosses, six new enemies, new items
  • Bug fixes (ending cutscene now launches correctly, convoy level will not lock before completion, early enemies are easier, later enemies harder)

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2 thoughts on “‘Rimelands: Hammer of Thor’ Goes Universal

  1. Except that the game doesn’t work on iPads!

    I was watch the first cutscene and then it crashes every single time.

    Very disappointed. 🙁

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