Perfect Cell Review: Sneak Through An Eerie Atmosphere

Perfect Cell is one of those games that I quite frankly haven’t paid much attention to pre-release.

The game starts out as you being a cell, traversing through the levels killing human scientists and soldiers to save other cells and eventually escape the laboratory.  The story isn’t too compelling and doesn’t really play a major role in the game; it’s mostly slicing and dicing, solving somewhat simple environmental puzzles to move into the next sector.

The graphics are one of the main selling points in Perfect Cell and rightfully so, as the game is pitted in a 2.5D environment that reminds me of something along the lines of Shadow Complex, and overall, Perfect Cell isn’t too bad.


Graphics: Like I mentioned above, the 2.5D graphics really remind me of Shadow Complex.  I do have a problem with the soldiers being all retro-ized—it looks as if the developers just didn’t feel like working on the soldier models—but other than that, the environment is nicely developed.

Controls: The controls aren’t too fancy or too complicated, and they’re made perfectly for the iPhone touchscreen.

GameCenter: I’m probably going to add this as a Like for a while, and you people out there that are reading our reviews are probably getting tired of it.  But hey, I like it.  And there’s a lot of achievements included, which makes me like GameCenter within Perfect Cell even more.


Simplicity: The puzzles are a bit too simple in my opinion.  The first ten levels are basically slicing and turning on all the stations, going back and forth opening doors and such.  It’s pretty predictable, and there’s really no thinking involved.

Nothing more: There’s a campaign-like mode and nothing more.  For $5.99, I expect something more than just one game mode: something on the lines of an arcade mode, an endless mode in which you kill as many humans as possible—I’m not the developer so I don’t have many ideas, but Mobigame really didn’t do much in Perfect Cell when it comes to content.

Humans: I mentioned it above in graphics, but this is something that somewhat bothers me.  I don’t know why they would go with retro character models other than the fact that it’s less work.  It certainly isn’t a design decision as it looks out of place and absolutely horrible.  Maybe I’m being too sensitive here, but hey, I’d like some 2.5D character models.

It’s a great concept hindered by the lack of content and high price.  Until the whole content and price issue is sorted out, I can’t really recommend it to everyone out there.  It is a fun game though, and for those that appreciate unique games, Perfect Cell is definitely one to look into.

Perfect Cell was developed by Mobigame, and I played through version 1.0.5 on my iPhone 4.  The price is $5.99.

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2 thoughts on “Perfect Cell Review: Sneak Through An Eerie Atmosphere

  1. ‘Price Issue’? Just because it is actually priced nearer to what it’s value is and not sold for a ridiculous $0.99 or even Free price tag it is overpriced.

    Yes, the game is lacking in content, and although Mobigame have a great track record in updating their games I do acknowledge that it is right to review a game on what it is now, not promises or what it could be. But the graphical beauty and the fantastic gameplay while it lasts, in my opinion, justifies the price.

    But good review nonetheless, seems like you’re becoming more respectable after the in my eyes diabolical reviews of death Worm and especially Rogue Runner.

  2. Hopefully they update it, and I’ll update this review once that happens. For now, I just thought the price was a little too high for only 35 levels.

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