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New Trailer Released for NOVA 2 Along With Release Date

The long-anticipated Nova 2 and sequel to the sci-fi original that was often compared to Halo and other great console-style FPS titles will be released on Dec. 16. A trailer has also been released by Gameloft that should ease some of that wait.

If you’re not familiar with Nova 2, it is a first person shooter sequel to NOVA, which was released nearly a year ago.  It contained some of the first online multiplayer on the iPhone, and it also proved to display some of the best graphics.  Since then, Gameloft has gone ahead and added a more in-depth online multiplayer—think Modern Combat 2—along with more people playing in one game.

The graphics have also, surprisingly, been largely improved compared to the first one.

The game should be arriving December 16th like we mentioned before, and if there’s any more information regarding the release, we’ll keep you up to date.

  1. Torie on Tuesday 14, 2010

    If your arlectis are always this helpful, “I’ll be back.”