Real Racing 2 Coming Next Thursday, 16-Player Online Multiplayer Included

Firemint is going all out with the upcoming Real Racing 2 release in just a few-days wait. Besides the 16-player online mode, The game will feature real car licenses of 30 vehicles and not just generated models this time around. Firemint also promises a career mode with over 10 hours of gameplay along with 15 locations to race in.

In-game currency will be earned to purchase new vehicles and upgrades. Vehicle damages will also be visible after crashes and the game will feature five camera angles along with replays.

Real Racing and Real Racing HD have also recently been given an update in the form of a four-player multiplayer mode already available on iPad and in the approval process at Apple for the other iDevides that should tide over some gamers who can’t wait till Thursday. The first title has been hailed as a gamer’s racing game and one of the show-off app for the iPad when it was first released along with Firemint’s other hit, Flight Control HD. Although Firemint promises Real Racing 2 to have 16 cars smashing into each other online the game will only support an eight-person local multiplayer mode.

The price for Real Racing 2 has been announced for all App Store regions and it will be $9.99 in the U.S., £5.99 in the UK, €7.99 in continental Europe, $12.99 in Australia, and ¥900 in Japan. The title will support GameCenter and Cloudcell integration.

For more screenshots, be sure to check out their website.

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