Big Day for Touch Gamers as 5 Heavy Hitters Get Unleashed

Thursday is a big day for iOS game releases. Infinity Blade, Puzzle Quest 2, Dead Rising, Dungeon Hunter 2, and Illusia are already out in the New Zealand App Store and coming to Europe and U.S. in less than a day.

Some of the most anticipated games to ever grace the App Store are being released and Thursday is, for some reason, usually the day of the week when big titles come out. Also, as Christmas approaches developers and publishers want to push as many of their games out to maximize profits. These are just some of the big anticipated titles but there are quite a few other games also being released to keep an eye out for.

For New Zealand gamers here are the App Store links:

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5 thoughts on “Big Day for Touch Gamers as 5 Heavy Hitters Get Unleashed

  1. The only game left that I am curious about is Trendy’s Dungeon Defender. Lots of Grade A gaming coming to the iOS devices. Especially nice to see at least two of these being Universal Apps.

  2. Apparently after posting this piece I found out that Eternal Legacy by Gameloft also came out and it did so in a surprising out of nowhere fashion as it hit the u.s store first or equal to NZ. So that should get you guys excited further as thursday approaches or tide you in.

  3. Of course all of these games would of had to been released the day AFTER my birthday! I guess all the publishers are trying to beat the deadline of the app store approvals closure for the holidays. Say goodbye to a few bucks out of my pocket-especially DH2 & PQ2.

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