Rock Band Reloaded Review: This Genre is About to Die

Rock Band and Guitar Hero have been duking it out for the past few years on consoles, Rock Band bringing out drums, mics, and other peripherals, with Guitar Hero following suit in Guitar Hero: World Tour.

And the battle continues on the App Store, with Rock Band Reloaded bringing the first ever voice-singing option in the App Store.  And while that’s all fine and dandy, I’m pretty sure there’s not a lot of people out there willing to sing… by themselves… playing Rock Band on their phone.  Maybe I’m making assumptions, but I for one, don’t care much for the option.

Other than that, there’s basically nothing too different about it.  They did add a new expert mode, but the game as a whole doesn’t seem to difficult to start with.


Voice-acting: It’s a new option and a good one, and although it doesn’t feel too useful to me, at least they added it.  This is one option I can see as giving Rock Band a step up from its competition if singing is your cup of tea.

Content: Guitar Hero has only six songs for $2.99, and Rock Band Reloaded is only $4.99 for 29 free songs.  There’s no comparison there, as Rock Band Reloaded clearly contains more bang for the buck.


Difficulty: I’m not a master at Rock Band or Guitar Hero, and I’m not an above-90% note hitter.  But Rock Band Reloaded makes it way too easy, as I’m able to get at least 90% of my notes hit on even the toughest songs.  And yes, this is on Expert.

Nothing really new: The note-hitting gameplay is nothing new, it feels like I’ve done it before a bajillion times, and it slowly makes me believe that this genre is slowly coming to stop in innovation.  Guitar Hero’s sliding note technique was a step up, and you could say the singing here is a step up.  But other than that, playing the guitar, drums, and bass feel all too familiar.

Facebook: This was a minor problem in the previous Rock Band, but in this one, it’s pretty major.  Every single screen is bombarded with Facebook this, Facebook that.  Post this on Facebook, compete with Facebook friends.  It does start to get annoying after a while, especially when I don’t want to have anything to do with Facebook on Rock Band Reloaded.

I feel like the last few games that I’ve played have all been lacking a step up from their previous versions, and Rock Band Reloaded feels exactly the same way.  After a few hours, I can only describe the experience as boring and repetitive.

Rock Band Reloaded was developed by EA Mobile, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 4.  The price is $4.99, with the iPad version at $9.99.

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