Robot Unicorn Attack Christmas Edition Review: Santa, Bring Us Something New

There is no doubt in my mind that Robot Unicorn Attack is one of the best run-as-far-as-you-can games on the App Store and the Internet.  I find myself playing it everyday on Facebook, humming to the weird but catchy tune, and slamming my fists onto the desk whenever I lose (not really that dramatic, but something along those lines).  By nature, I’m a competitor and must receive first place amongst my pool of friends, so I’ll be playing this for 10, 20, 30, even 60 minutes at a time to achieve the ultimate score.

In my initial review of Robot Unicorn Attack though, I didn’t exactly enjoy it since it didn’t really include online leaderboards and achievements.  Of course, that’s changed with the addition of OpenFeint and GameCenter—it appears the Christmas edition only has GameCenter—and it’s allowed me to compete with tons and tons of other people.

And while there are people out there receiving ridiculous, almost impossible, scores on Robot Unicorn Attack, it does help me to keep playing.

Now with all that said, the main point of a review is this: is Robot Unicorn Attack Christmas Edition worth getting?  And to that I say no, not really.  It’s basically a rehash of everything Robot Unicorn has, with only slightly different artwork, a different soundtrack, and the exclusion of OpenFeint.

The graphics are still pixelated and not really Retina-ized, and overall, it’s basically the same thing slapped together with a Christmas sign on it.


Addictive: If there’s one thing that Robot Unicorn Attack will do, it’s that it will make you an addict.  You will be playing whatever version: the original, Heavy Metal, or this Christmas Edition; and you will be addicted.  It’s such a simple concept yet such a winning formula, making it one of the most played games on my iPhone so far.

GameCenter: I like GameCenter—don’t love it—but I like it so far.  I’m glad that they’ve put it in here, and it’s good for racking up those achievement points.


The same thing, again: I forgave Adult Swim when they released Heavy Metal and it was basically the same thing as Robot Unicorn Attack, since it was quite the opposite and still hilarious.  German death metal roaring through the background was a pleasant surprise, and it made me feel a lot more manlier when playing it.  But Christmas Edition went a little too far in that now it seems like Adult Swim is just stretching the popularity of the game to gain a few more bucks.  It’s the same thing with a dash of Christmas spirit added, and they really haven’t done much to improve the graphics, user interface, or anything really.

Graphics: I mentioned it before above, but this one really needs a paragraph all to itself.  Anyways, with that said, the computer version has a stallion fully-armored in robot metal, shooting out the colors of the rainbow.  In the iPhone version, you can barely see the metal plates let alone see the detail in the rainbow mane.  Sure, the framerate is all fine and dandy, but it would be nice to improve the graphics a bit.  It’s been pretty much the same in all three Robot Unicorn Attacks, and it’s time for change.  Stop rehashing things.

Robot Unicorn Attack Christmas Edition, hopefully, is the farthest Adult Swim will go with this series before updating something: the user interface, the graphics, maybe some more song tracks… make it worth paying for.  For now, since this is seasonal, I would have you go with the original since there’s A) more people playing it, including probably your Facebook friends and B) you can play it all year round.  It’s only $0.99 though, and if you absolutely love Robot Unicorn Attack, then I don’t see why not.  But just know that it’s a rehash of everything and is now in need of improvement.

Robot Unicorn Attack Christmas Edition was developed by Adult Swim, and I played through version 1.1 on my iPhone 4.  The price is $0.99.

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