Flick Golf Review: A Flicking Awesome Golf

So most people have at least seen the myriad of golf titles on all gaming platforms. There’s a ton of them and a few real gems. My favorites include ‘Everybody’s Golf’ on the PSP and it’s virtual clone ‘We Golf’ on all iDevices.

I love those two titles so much, actually, that when a new one comes around I’m really quite skeptical. Nothing can replace my cartoon golf games! They’re too damn much fun.

When Flick Golf came across my desk, I couldn’t believe it. It looks a lot like the golf games I love but the similarities end there. The people at Full Fat Productions have completely redesigned the idea of hand held portable golf. I thought this redesign of gameplay would be lame, but it’s totally not. Here’s what they did.

You don’t have a cute little avatar, your golf ball is just there on it’s tee waiting for you to do someting. The camera can be adjusted to make aiming easier. You take into account the wind direction and then swipe your finger carefully to aim for the distant tee on the green. Once in the air, you can almost fly your ball putting various spins and turns on the ball to guide it home.

The tee itself is a real point of interest. Putting is gone. Instead you have one stroke followed by a furious session of spinning the ball to get it where you want it to go. You’re aiming for what is essential a target with the hole at the dead center. Your score on each hole is based on how close you get it to the hole and how awesome your spinning skill is.

There are three courses, beautiful to look at and also challenging. Each course represents one of three levels of difficulty.

Flick Golf has taken me completely by surprise. This is a truly great reimagintion of portable golf and I highly praise Full Fat Production for having the guts to blaze new ground.


Gameplay: It’s ridiculously easy to play for such a challenging game no hole takes too long so it’s extremely easy to pay as casually or seriously as you’d like. There is simply no boredom inducing factor in this version of golf. It’s just elegantly great.

Visuals: I love when a game makes the iPhone or iPad look good because I like to show people how awesome the device is. Flick Golf is gorgeous and a game I’d love to see on the display units in the Apple Store.

Fun: It simply is. I can rationalize why as much as you want me too but with this game there is almost an irrational fun quality to it that can’t re ally be nailed down to a specific set of features. Flick Golf is just fun.


Volume of content: The picky, gluttonous person in me would like to see more of these beautifully rendered courses. My fingers are crossed that in time there will be more!

No Game Center: I can’t fathom why they went with OpenFeint for leaderboards. This game would be a perfect candidate to rock up on Game Center in the near future. Again, my fingers are crossed.

Flick Golf is another one of those games that you simply can’t go wrong with, unless you hate golf games for some reason. But, even then I’d suggest you check it out. This isn’t your run of the mill ‘Mina no Golf’ clone. Everyone should have this one and its available for iPad as well! This review is brought to you by the letters M and H because you…

Flick Golf is developed by Full Fat Productions Ltd. and is available on the app store for $2.99 on iPhone/iPod Touch and $4.99 for iPad. It was reviewed at version 1.0 on my iPhone 4.

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  1. I don’t have iPad or Iphone but whenever my brother comes house in weekend.. I do play the Flick Golf on his Iphone. I am also going to join Florida golf course club in March 2011 and thanks to Boxgroove for co-operating.

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