November Favorite Games of the Month

Time just seems to go by faster and faster, as it’s already time for Christmas.  But before we all get into the Christmas swing, let’s look back at some of our favorite games released this month.

Samurai II: Featuring it’s signature cell-shaded graphics, the sequel to one of the more unique games on the App Store is all the more improved.  With a storyline, some more bloody action, and a new control scheme, it’s one that we truly enjoyed this month.

Mushihimesama Bug Panic: This new take on top-down shooter/dual-stick shooter really impressed our writer Matt, as it was filled with all the fine details.  Cave has done a great job so far with their games, and hopefully it doesn’t stop here.

Chop Chop Caveman: There are a numerous number of Chop Chop games on the App Store, ranging from ninja fighting to tennis.  And their latest version, Chop Chop Caveman, is based on a platforming type of game structure, with physics-based puzzlers and more.  While we can’t say we’ve enjoyed all of the Chop Chops, this is by far one of their best.

Wispin: This little indie arcade gem really took us by surprise, and it’s definitely unique.  The object of the game is to destroy the enemy based on your color—if you’re green, you destroy the green enemies, red the red enemies—and we found it to be a winning formula.  Mixed in with a bit of dual-stick shooter goodness, there’s not much to dislike about this one.

Galaxy on Fire 2: Probably one of the deepest games on the App Store, Galaxy on Fire 2 is all about exploring the endless space of outer space.  Trading, fighting, traveling, exploring… there’s so much to do here it’s actually quite ridiculous.  While a lot of casual players out there will decline to even try this game, it’s more than enough to satisfy the patient.

And that’s it for this month folks!  If you think we’ve missed out on a game, be sure to let us know in the comments.

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I have been an iPhone game addict ever since the NES emulator came out on the 1.1.4 iPhone 2G. After 2.0 and the App Store came out, my iPhone homescreen has never been the same. Other than writing reviews for App Store games, I play soccer/football, American football, volleyball, and golf. I love going to the beach and fishing on the pier. Some games not available on iPhone/iPod Touch that I truly love are the Call of Duty series, Guitar Hero III, Madden NFL 09, and PGR: Gotham Racing.

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