Reckless Racing update out now, adds new vehicles and maps

When I reviewed Reckless Racing initially, I found it to be a lot of fun, but a bit short in terms of overall content.  Well, version 1.2.0 of Reckless Racing went live on the App Store last night as a free update, adding two new vehicles and two new maps to the iPhone version of the game.  The update is also available for iPad owners, but they will have to be content with only getting two new vehicles and one new map.  Don’t frown though, iPad owners, this is because one of the maps iPhone and iPod owners are getting was already included in the extra three maps in your version of the game.

The new vehicles/characters and maps are pretty sweet, from the time I’ve spent with them.  The new vehicles are an over-sized monster truck and what appears to be an old-school pink Cadillac, and although they have a lot of horsepower, this is balanced out by some rather difficult handling.  The Cadillac, “The Boss,” drives a lot like “Hank,” the black and white muscle car, except perhaps a bit faster and with stiffer handling on turns.  “Grannie,” the monster truck, has an incredible amount of horsepower, but I find I can’t make it power-slide all that well, especially on dirt, because it tends to skid into a turn with the slightest nudge.  If anything, it’s a little too responsive on turns, but it tends to fish-tail and lose traction because of this.  As far as the new maps, “The Island” and “Frozen Lake,” I’ll leave their respective locations to the reader’s imagination.  “The Island” features some cool-looking nighttime lighting and a few incredibly difficult turns, as well as a shortcut or two.  “Frozen Lake” is a power-slide funhouse, winding around partly on a dirt track, and partly on… well, you guessed it earlier: a frozen lake.  Both maps can be raced backwards, as per usual, so there are getting to be a nice number of tracks to choose from.

The iPhone version still remains modestly priced at $0.99 for the time being, so this seems like a good time for those of you who have been holding out to snap it up if you’re tempted.  It’s nice to see an update from the developers that adds more content, also since EA hasn’t been especially known for updating their iOS titles.  One can only hope that there are more in the works; I really enjoy Reckless Racing and I can see it becoming an absolute must-have on every i-gamer’s device if they keep the updates coming.

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