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Rage HD Review: Don’t Expect a Game

Honestly speaking, there was so much hype around Rage for iPhone, it was ridiculous.  I, for one, thought that it would be similar to Doom Resurrection in that it was on-rails, but had some story or some premise to the game.

Little did I know that Rage HD would be nothing more than a tech demo, showing off the graphical capabilities of the iPhone.  Sure, id Software did a terrific job with the graphics and post-apocalyptic, freaky atmosphere, but other than that, you can hardly call this game.

Shoot this, collect ammo and money, and half an hour later you’re done with the game.  No spending your money on goodies, no reason as to why you just went through hell, and no other game modes to satisfy.  All that for $1.99?  Yep.


Graphics: The graphics are as good as advertised.  They’re definitely some of the best I’ve ever seen on the iPhone, although oddly enough, I wasn’t really wowed by them.  Still, you’ll appreciate the effort id went through to produce this type of look on a mobile device.


Short: You’re going to last 30 minutes.  Maybe even less.  There’s nothing else to do after playing through: money can’t be used for anything… there’s no point to it.

Lack of features: There’s only one game mode, a 30-minute survival mode, and it’s really lacking in features.  Mini-games, story/campaign mode… anything to add some replay value in this glorified tech demo.  Heck, it’s almost like Epic Citadel; I’ll bet there’s much more content in Epic Citadel than there is in Rage.

Right now, I’m just much too tired to explain ALL of Rage’s faults.  There’s such a long laundry list, but basically it’s that it doesn’t have a story and it’s short.  It’s basically a tech demo, and as a game, I can’t really recommend it to anyone.  There may be people out there that just want to see the graphics—great for you—but I’m sure many out there will feel quite disappointed at the end.  It’s not a fully-featured shooter, and it’s definitely not an “iPhone version of Rage”.

Rage HD was developed by id Software, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 4.  The price is $1.99, and there is a version without Retina graphics for $0.99.

  1. countermind on Saturday 27, 2010

    I have to agree with you.

    Although it looks nice, and playing a shooter on rails doesn’t offer much replay value save from trying to get a higher score, it is too short, and offers no story whatsoever.

    The big kicker is that because it is on rails, and uses a weird control scheme, it is nearly impossible to shoot where you really want to – all other rails shooter offer a gun that you can actually point at the screen – think Area 51 arcade. Trying to use a touch or tilt mechanism to shoot on rails is a frustrating experience to say the least.

  2. sharksarefriendly37 on Saturday 27, 2010

    Thanks for the review Daniel. Was going to buy it; now I’m glad I didn’t.

  3. Sumatori on Saturday 27, 2010

    John Carmack said that he’ll be adding more features to the game later. He’s been posting on TouchArcade’s forums.

  4. Daniel on Saturday 27, 2010

    That’s great news. I’m looking forward to what John Carmack has in store; Rage on the iPhone, as of this point, is not too good.

  5. Kevin on Saturday 27, 2010

    Bought it,played it,deleted it after it took up not half GB
    But about 7-800 MBs!

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  7. Defcubusal on Saturday 27, 2010

    If this is a tech demo then so is reckless racing…