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‘Eternal Legacy’: Japanese RPG Coming Soon from Gameloft

Gameloft is on a roll once again, having announced Dungeon Hunter 2, Shadow Guardian, Asphalt 6, and NOVA 2.  But they’re not done yet, as they have announced yet another game, Eternal Legacy, into their presumably Christmas line-up.

From the looks of the “teaser”, Eternal Legacy seems to parallel Square Enix’s RPGs, as Gameloft claims to pay tribute to one of the greatest Japanese role-playing genres.  Other than that, the choppy trailer doesn’t really reveal much.  The storyline starts out as taking place in the kingdom of Algoad, where magic, science, nature, and humanity are being threatened.  You must “fight for it” and “save it”, most likely by fighting your way through bosses, enemies, and other creatures.

The voice acting does sound pretty horrible though—typical of Gameloft games—but the graphics do look like what we should expect from Gameloft.

I’m assuming Eternal Legacy will arrive sometime in December, but we’ll post some more information as they become available.

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