‘Cut the Rope’ Updated with Retina graphics, New Levels, and More

We here at NoDPad have been enjoying Cut the Rope quite a lot actually, and we definitely don’t think we’re the only ones.  But surprise, surprise.  Version 1.1 has arrived adding 25 new levels from the “Cosmic Box”, along with updating the graphics to support the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G’s fancy new displays.

Full update list

  • Gorgeous Full Retina Display Graphics!
  • Brand new ‘Cosmic Box’ containing 25 extra challenging levels
  • New ‘anti-gravity’ feature
  • Even cuter Om Nom expressions
  • Scoring system optimized
  • 2 new achievements
  • 1 new leaderboard

If you’re not familiar with Cut the Rope, the premise of the whole game is to—well—cut the rope.  Attached to this rope is a piece of candy which must get to the little green creature’s mouth, all using perfect timing and some power-ups.  Your performance is based on how many stars you collect in each level, as each star is collected by solid execution.

At only $0.99, it’s definitely a great buy.  You can check out our full review for more information regarding the game, and there’s also a lite version to try before you buy.

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