‘Real Racing 2’ Preview Video, Release Date Announced

Real Racing 2, the sequel to one of the best racing games in the App Store, has received some video treatment on the iPhone 4.  While nothing in the video is final—the game is still in development—it does show off a sweet ride through a track using the Nissan GT-R.  A mini-map has also been added on screen for those who were begging for one in the first installation, Real Racing.

And according to Firemint, it seems like you will be able to customize your cars with power-ups, along with being able to “respray”.

The gameplay structure involves winning events, earning currency, then buying and selling new cars.  The career mode alone  boasts of an easy 10 hours of gameplay, and it will probably sport some sort of online multiplayer mode (pure assumption, but Firemint did mention that Real Racing would receive an online multiplayer mode).

Real Racing 2 is aiming for a pre-Christmas release, meaning it shouldn’t be too far away.  And good news for iPhone 2G and iPod touch 1G users: it will support your devices.

With that said, price is yet to be announced and we’ll post more info as they become available.

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Real Racing 2

Oh, and here’s the preview video:

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