‘Braveheart’: Diablo-esque fun on the iPhone and iPad? Let’s hope so!

Coming in December is Braveheart, yet another action RPG, this time Gaijin Entertainment.

From what we can see so far it looks like what we have here is a very solid game maybe more akin to Untold Legends on the PSP than anything we’ve yet seen on the app store.

The adventure takes place on a search for the Holy Grail. You’re working for King Whilhelm who needs the Holy Grail in order to protect his kingdom from The Great Dragon. In return you’ll receive half his kingdom and the hand of his daughter.

Let’s just hope it’s the willing hand of his daughter, or I see some problems down the road.

A gameplay video on Gaijin’s site show’s some truly impressive visuals as well as indicators that you’ll have a decent arsenal with which to conduct your epic adventure. There are guns. This is an action RPG with guns. How can you not be at least a little intrigued, especially when it looks like the control might be similar to Minigore? 10 different weapons and magical spells, as well as bonus abilities are all promised as well as a beautiful game world.

There will be an iPhone/iPod Touch version as well as an iPad version. It seems clear that we’re not talking about a universal version of the game here. Honestly though, while I love universal apps, I never find too much fault in anyone who decides to separate them. I know, from the experiences of some app developing friends, creating universal games is no small feat. Prices are yet to be determined.

If you’re interested, Gaijin is soliciting beta testers right now for their beta which should last until December 1st. You’ll just need to be able to give them your UDID and if you’re selected will be in like Flint.

This looks like it could really give Dungeon Hunter a run for it’s money and I hope it does. This genre of game needs more representation on ALL platforms and Braveheart doesn’t look like it will disappoint.

To check out their materials head over to the their site and check it out.

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