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‘Real Racing 2′ Coming Soon to iPhone

Arguably one of the best racing games in the App Store, Real Racing has been loved by all us here at NoDPad.  Featuring some of the best graphics, content, and driving experience, it’s only a wonder that it was acclaimed as one of the best games made in the two-year existence of the App Store.  But the racing goodness, thankfully, doesn’t stop here as Firemint has mysteriously announced the coming of Real Racing 2.

With only a picture of a 2 (included in the post) along with a title claiming that Real Racing 2 is coming soon, we don’t have much info regarding the release.  It does say to be stay tuned for some more info, so we’ll be keeping our eyes out for whatever Firemint has in store for us.

For now, if you haven’t picked up Real Racing yet, I suggest you go ahead and satisfy your cravings by picking it up.  Online multiplayer is also planned for the current Real Racing offering, and it’s still a great buy for $4.99.