Flight Control HD Soon to Have Online Multiplayer

Firemint is adding an update for Flight Control HD on the iPad that will add online multiplayer via GameCenter when iOS 4.2 is released. Previously, Apple only added GameCenter with the 4.1 update for the iPhone4, iPhone 3gs, 2nd-4th gen iPod Touch and this was one of the most missed features for gamers on the iPad. With the coming release of iOS 4.2., iPad owners can look forward to new leaderboards, achievements, and multiplayer additions to games.

Flight Control HD will allow for both Wifi and Bluetooth multiplayer for versus and cooperative gameplay. The update will also add an iPad exclusive versus map.

Players will be able to invite friends, or choose to be automatically matched to a random player, according to Firemint. Some other features that will be added are achievements, leaderboards, and Multitasking support — making it easy for players to drop in and out of games. Firemint hopes to release the update around the time iOS 4.2 iPad launch.

Flight Control HD currently is selling for $4.99 as compared to $0.99 for the iPhone and iPod Touch version but has added features such as new large-sized maps. The game combined air traffic control and line drawing becoming a huge hit on the App Store.

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