Fruit Ninja update: Slice it up in Arcade Mode

Although it was released a good six months ago, Halfbrick Studios’ über-popular title Fruit Ninja received a free update yesterday, introducing a new variation to their ubiquitous fruit-slashing goodness. The new game mode, Arcade, borrows a little bit from each of Fruit Ninja’s already established modes, Classic and Zen. In Arcade Mode, like in Zen Mode, you are given a certain amount of time to try for a high score. And like in Classic Mode, bombs are tossed into the mix, although here they set your score back by ten points rather than giving you a “game over” if you should slash one by accident. Arcade Mode also introduces a breath of fresh air into the traditional Fruit Ninja milieu, with the addition of power-ups.

The three power-ups, which are unique to Arcade Mode, are the Double Points, Frenzy, and Freeze Bananas, and they add a level of frantic excitement to the Fruit Ninja formula which I really enjoyed. Once activated, each power-up lasts for about six seconds or so. The Double Points Banana does… well, exactly what it sounds like it would. The Frenzy Banana, my personal favorite, unleashes a torrent of fruit across the screen, allowing you the chance to rack up some insane fruit-slicing combos. And last but certainly not least, the Freeze Banana slows down time, giving you a chance for pin-point accuracy and even bigger combos.

Although it’s still essentially the same old Fruit Ninja most of us have already come to know and love, it’s nice to see Halfbrick Studios giving back to their fan base. If you’ve already tried the game and somehow managed to not enjoy it, this probably won’t be enough to change your mind. But if you still haven’t tried it out, this is a perfect time to head down to the dojo and get to slicing. And for those of us who already own it, the update adds a good reason to keep coming back for more and more succulent combo-licious goodness.

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