Catapult Madness Review: I like…don’t like…like it…A LOT.

This is a strange game.

So why is it so strange? Well, it’s a simple concept. You try and catapult people as far as you can until you get to the goal. There’s tune-ups and things to add to your person so they can go further, assuming you use them right. You do this over and over and over. That’s it. That’s all there is to it. That’s strange in and of itself but it’s a lot stranger when the tune ups are beans to induce rocket propelling flatulence, or beer to make you bouncier, or bombs which hang from your belt and propel you upward. It’s all very odd.

But hey…when your kingdom is in trouble ya do what ya gotta do right?

So I dutifully sat through the brief introduction, which wasn’t voiced badly at all, I have to say, and then got to it expecting to put it down and move on in a few minutes.

One hour later…

…I’d been playing the game for nearly 45 minutes and was trying not to be tempted to mess with it during Hawaii 5-0. That’s a comment on the game, not Hawaii 5-0.

Now, three hours later minus about 45 minutes for Hawaii 5-0, I’m still pluggin’ away trying to get my people bouncier, more flatulent, and to the next castle to get help. I still haven’t gotten there but damn it…I’m going to!

So, strange game, it is, but definitely worth checking out. And here’s why…


Graphics: It reminds me of a Chillingo game in all good ways. The graphics look like paper cut outs but they’re pretty darn nice. Facial expressions and animations are funny. I’m still laughing watching my poor people bounce, fly, and pass gas to the finish line. Amidst relatively simple, maybe even run of the mill, gameplay, the graphics drive it and make it truly fun. Colorful colorful fun!

Sound: It’s a pro job. Voice acting on the introducing narration was good enough to keep me from skipping it and the music that underscores your catapult sessions is easy on the ears, dramatic, and doesn’t get tiresome.

GameCenter: Do I need to explain? Everything should be connected to GameCenter. Devs? Get going!

Overall: It’s a blast. I thought I was going to hate it and now, I’m considering removing it temporarily so I can get some work done. Good work Catapult Madness devs!


More Drama: The gameplay has me hooked, but I’d also like to be as hooked as I am and feel like I’m doing it for a reason. I really wish there was a more compelling story driven reason for me to continue flinging these poor people. I’d also like to see more incremental progress so I get a greater sense of accomplishment. That’s the only real downer with this game.

Needs more depth: Again, I’m addicted now, but I’d like to see that addiction continue. Without more tools and tune-ups for my guys I’m afraid at some point I will lose interest. This game has the potential to be a competitor for Angry Birds but definitely falls short in this regard.

Catapult Madness is a joy to play, but in the end, it’s lacking some serious depth and replay value.  I’ve been hooked for now, but beware, who knows how long this addiction will last.

Catapult Madness was developed by Armor Games, reviewed on version 1.0.3 on my iPhone 4 is available for $0.99.

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