Space Invaders Infinity Gene EVOLVES!!

The iPhone’s very best shooter — Space Invaders Infinity Gene — is now the best shooter on the iPhone 4 and iPad. TAITO today released version 4.0 of their masterfully remade classic, upgrading the game to include universal support for the iPhone and iPad, high-resolution graphics for the iPhone 4 Retina display, and improved frame-rates on all devices. The update also adds a new Survival mode, Game Center support and achievements. If, for whatever INSANITY, you don’t already own it, you now have even more reasons to buy Space Invaders Infinity Gene. The full list of 4.0 improvements, as published by TAITO is:

1. Now optimized for iPhone 4 and iPad, featuring vibrant graphics and smoother framerate that surpass that of the previous version upscaled.

2. “SURVIVAL” has been added to the menu. SURVIVAL mode allows multiple Extra and Chimera stages to be played in sequence.
SURVIVAL mode now features DARIUS-style branching stages, with multiple endings prepared. Can you unlock every ending?!
* In SURVIVAL mode, new stages are unlocked via the Evolution Gauge.

3. Now Game Center compatible.

4. Now compatible with OpenFeint 3.7.4.

5. Achievements have been added.

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