Cescent Moon Unloads Massive Lineup in time for Christmas

Crescent Moon Games, developer of sandbox-RPG Ravensword, and collaborating with development of turn-based RPG Rimelands, will be busy this December as they are working with another developer to bring in great titles for Christmas.

Crescent Moon Games is working with Tasty Poison Games, the makers of Dragooo, and will be publishing a 3D dungeon-crawler named Pocket RPG. Tasty Poison will also be working with Crescent Moon on 3D platformer Ultra Kid: Mystery of the Mutants, along with steampunk-ball-roller Gears.

According to Crescent Moon, Pocket RPG is similar to Torchlight and other rouge-like RPGs. There will be three classes to choose from including the blade master, the dark ranger, and the battle mage.

For steampunk and puzzle-platforming fans, Gears is shaping out quite well. While having great graphics and amazing backgrounds, hopefully the gameplay and challenge will also be there for veteran Marble Madness players. According to Crescent Moon Games, players will be “rolling over gears as they turn, platforms, growing vines, dark caves – all in a beautiful fantasy world.”

Ultra Kid looks to fill in the gap that many iDevices games have overlooked, and that gap is 3d platformers. 3d platformers are some of the best selling and popular games on other gaming platforms, and there are only a few offerings so far like Bugdom 2. Hopefully, Ultra Kid will fill in that gap and provide some platforming goodness when it is released December along with Pocket RPG and Gears.

Gears will be the first to launch, according to Crescent Moon Games, for the iPhone and provide Retina support. Pocket RPG will initially be iPad only and a Retina version will follow.

Crescent Moon is still working on completing Aralon: Sword and Shadow before the end of the year as well, although no specific date has been set.  All games should be out before the month of December ends.

For more information, be sure to check out their games page.  We’ll have more information as they become available.

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