Vizati Review: Turn meets Fling! in this new Puzzler

What do you do when you need a break from all the shooting, leveling up, complex plots of all the mainstream games you can find on the appstore these days? You play a puzzle game of course! Puzzle games are delightful little gems that you can pick up and play whenever you only have a few moments to occupy yourself. Puzzle games make you think. Puzzle games, well puzzle games are totally overlooked and underrated. Vizati by Different Pixel was just released on the appstore and hopes to turn (literally) everyone’s head in its direction.

Having some time to preview and play this title, I have to say that I am impressed by the originality and uniqueness that Different Pixel has brought to the table. Combining several tried and true game play elements, Vizati utilizes them to make one of the more enjoyable puzzle experiences that you can find. Strategy abounds as you make your way through 100 levels. Using swipe gestures and fitting the game to the platform, Vizati will have you scratching your head on those moments where only just a level or two will do.


Story and Arcade mode: With 100 levels in story mode, you progress through the story as Julie enlists Peter’s help to figure out what the large grid she discovers in the forest. Ben the dog also seems perplexed by its presence. As day turns to night and more and more vizati stones appear in the grid, you the player must help Peter and Julie on their quest for answers by solving each level and unfold the story.

Arcade mode is a timed mode where you must clear the stones before new ones appear. While the story mode is untimed and allows you to think out your moves, arcade moves and the timer makes you just try anything to clear the board. Both modes give a different play experience and that is sometimes lacking when another mode is introduced into a game. It is not simply a rehashed gameplay of the original mode, but different strategies need to be employed in order to progress.

Music: The first thing you see when you load up the game are the words “headphones recommended.” Definitely if you are in a position to listen to the in game music, please do so. The music adds tremendously to the atmosphere and creates great ambience.

Art: The art and graphics are excellent. Combine them with the music and the experience of playing the game is almost as good as just playing each level.


Controls: While I love the fact that the game is designed around unique controls for the platform, they can be touchy at times. For example, to turn the box, the tutorial instructs you to make an arc. Well I tried that and the success was about 50%. Sometimes it just shook the box,  or flipped the box upside down, or anything but rotating the box, all of which messes up the strategy and makes the puzzle unsolvable. Some tweaking of the controls would be great so the level does not have to be restarted when a false move registers.

No undo button: Now I am usually not one that jumps on the rewind bandwagon, but given the loose controls, an undo your last move button would be a valuable addition to fix your mistakes.

No hint system: The puzzles unlock linearly. If you get stuck on one puzzle and simply have a brain freeze on it, there ends your game. For that reason I would suggest a hint system that you can either earn or be given a limited number of uses so that your game doesn’t end at Puzzle 42. Or if a hint system is not to be used then more levels should be opened at once. That way if you get stuck on one there are more to help you move along. Perhaps only three can be unlocked at a time and if you do skip one only 2 unlock when you solve the next, but for linear games it is always appreciated by players to not feel pressured into solving a level required for progress.

Color Blind Mode: The game is a great puzzler that should not cut off a potential market. Many matching games have color blind modes available, so hopefully one will be available in an update for this game.

Overall, Different Pixel has introduced a great unique puzzler into the appstore that will be suitable for anyone. Pick your poison between two great modes – Story or Arcade – and watch the time flip away as you solve over 100 puzzles and help Peter and Julie discover the mysteries of the forest. Immerse yourself with Vizati’s great art and music and you will almost feel the breeze.

Vizati by Different Pixel is available on the appstore for $0.99. Version 1.0 was tested on an iPod Touch 2g with iOS 4.1 installed.

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