Tilt to Live HD Review: When Inconspicuous Dots Attack, Act II

One Man Left is notorious for their crazy addictive title Tilt to Live, with tons of achievements and different game modes to keep you going.  Among all of the features, weapons are one of the key motivating factors for unlocking achievements and, as the more achievements you collect the more weapons you unlock.

As for controls, all of it is done by tilting the device using the accelerometer, and while it would be nice if it auto-calibrated, it shouldn’t be a problem for people playing the game in a normal sitting position.

Also, from what I see, the additional three game modes will be available as DLC, unlike the iPhone version that has all four available for $2.99.  Some may see this as nothing different, but for me personally, it’s made me love again.


Addictive factor: I’ve never really been addicted to the iPhone version of the game; after playing the first version, I deleted it because I didn’t find it all that appealing.  Of course, that was before all the new game modes and a gameplay change to motivate you to earn achievements and unlock new weapons.

Attack of the dots: Game balance is perfect, with dots taking not too long to start appearing in swarms.  But it’s not like it’s overwhelming too fast; in fact, the beginning takes enough time for the player to get situated.  Basically, the game balancing is absolutely perfect.  And the band that’s playing on Sunday night football says it perfectly, “Baby, I like it.”

Weapons: Each weapon brings a new level of creativity, with bombs, wave lasers, frost bombs, and more.


Tilt-calibration: This is a problem with the iPhone version as well, but it would be much more comfortable if it auto-calibrated on its own rather than choosing four different options.  Just more convenient that way.

Tilt to Live HD is as fun as it was on the iPhone; I actually forgot how much fun this game was until reliving the experience on a larger estate.  There really isn’t much to dislike about Tilt to Live HD, and if you’ve got the iPhone version, it’s still safe to say that you should pick up its HD counterpart.

Tilt to Live HD was developed by One Man Left, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPad.  The game is available for free, with the ability to unlock the rest of the game for $3.99.

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