September Favorite Games of the Month

September has finally passed, with a quiet ending but a fiery beginning.  Here are some of our favorite games of the month.

Travis: September is usually the kick-off of the big holiday season for video gaming. However, if you’re just looking at the app store you wouldn’t have known it. Slim pickings this month results in very easy nominations for game of the month. I really enjoyed my playthrough of Rimelands: Hammer of Thor, but the game that really ate up a significant amount of my time this month (and probably the next month or so still to come) despite it not being as high a quality product on a technical level, is Solomon’s Boneyard. I can’t help but to keep coming back for more. The proverbial carrot on a stick (in this case perks) is dangled just far enough out of reach to make you think you’ll have it in just a few more games. I love this perk system and having found an epic ring during one particular game has definitely inspired me to play more. Though the game does suffer from having only the one arena to play in, I am hopeful that perhaps a future update will provide new areas and new enemies to fight. Also I hope the developers take a page from the Minigore team and put in a way to start at a higher level. Always starting completely over gets a little tedious when your shooting for much higher levels. Simply put, I’m simply head over heels in love with Solomon’s Boneyard; it is quickly becoming one of my all-time most played games on my iPod.

Hope: September is synonymous with fall, back to school, and of course, big game releases. That being said it seems to have been a very slow month in the gaming department. But some notable games have struck me as being worthy of the Game of the Month nod.

Pocket Frogs – well what can I say? Being a sucker for frogs and having hoarding tendencies to boot, the game is just terrific. There are elements of time management, virtual pets, luck, strategy and plain old fun on the frog pond. Discoveries abound as the hunt begins for the elusive legendary breeds. With tons of achievements and thousands of frog combinations this game will satisfy just about anyone. Trading frogs with your Plus+ friends is a hoot but I also love figuring out the combinations to make a particular breed on my own. With the addition of the new Chroma patterned frog I find myself staring at the habitat that is home to several of mine, with the same amazement that staring at a lava lamp brings. Ok, ok, maybe that is over the top but yes, I do love watching the new Chroma pattern change like a kaleidoscope. The addition of the Froggydex points out just how many frog combinations there are – and how few I have! Pocket Frogs is free so there is no excuse for you not to give it a try and see what my new obsession is!

While waiting for frogs to hatch or deliveries to mature, I have been wrapped up with some neat puzzlers. Shibuya was an award winning game at PAX and it sure does live up to that billing. The music is astounding and the game play very unique. It has a built in achievement mechanism that encourages playing all the different modes at all the different levels – something that I usually DO need a push to do. The thoughtful planning and strategy will have you on your toes, that is if your toes aren’t tapping to the music.

Though just released this past week, Time Geeks is a great 8 bit retro graphic find them all that is totally addictive. Though there was a bug with older devices, that should be fixed in a day or so, and when that fix is out I am back at it! I was totally hooked up until that point and can easily recommend the title to anyone who loves hidden object, Where’s Waldo books, or just neat graphics. The scenarios are spoofs of famous movie and TV shows and it is great to see the developer’s take on them.

And finally as if that wasn’t enough, Rimelands and Dink Smallwood have scratched the RPG itch. With fewer releases I think I was able to appreciate the top titles all the more, so for that I thank you September!

Matt: September has had its share of gems.

Blue Defense: Second Wave! is hands-down one of the best shooters I’ve ever played on any device or console, and a game that could only exist on the iPhone. Juggling my device has never been so much fun, and the combination of frantic action and strategically managing my guns keeps my mind engaged while the adrenaline rushes. Get it.

Rimelands: Hammer of Thor is the app store’s newest role-playing games and also one of its best. I love the way that it throws back to tabletop role-playing games with dice being thrown, but wraps it all up in a cool setting with brilliant artwork and presentation values. The game play is top-notch, and the only complaint I have against the game is its linearity. Still, it’s one not to be missed.

Solomon’s Boneyard is one of my favorite new dual-stick shooters, taking the near perfect leveling system from Solomon’s Keep, enhancing it with perks and throwing the whole thing into a Minigore-esque survival gaming experience. The real kicker, though, is that Solomon’s Boneyard kicks the poo out of Minigore (which is totally overrated) in every conceivable way, dispensing with the empty hype, abject puffery and gimmicky updates of that title in favor of solid, compelling game play that actually rewards you the more you play.

And while I’ve never been interested in collecting Pokemon, Bakugan or otherwise, I’ve always been a sucker for frogs. I simply cannot sum up the month without paying mention to Pocket Frogs, the only game of its kind ever to have appealed to me. What can I say? It’s just fun. And I hope they take it further with more mini-games and content.

Daniel: September, for me personally, has been one of the slowest months in recent memory.  But this month didn’t leave without a few games, with Dodonpachi Resurrection and Rimelands: Hammer of Thor topping my list as the favorite games for this month.  Mirror’s Edge for the iPhone also splashed onto the iPhone gaming scene, adding the much needed iPad game to the iPhone.

While the above games listed have their flaws, all in all, they made up for the lack of games in the month of September.  Rimelands has kept me intrigued with its story and combat, Dodonpachi Resurrection has me marvel at its bullet-hell nature; the first of its kind that I have ever played, and Mirror’s Edge is basically Mirror’s Edge… what more can I say?

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