‘Yslandia’: Full MMORPG Coming October 1st

Yslandia may be a game that you’ve never heard of, but fear no longer, I come to bring tidings and good news.  Yslandia will be available in the US App Store by October 1st, around a month after we saw the release on the Canadian App Store.

The game features over 400 types of items, 9 different races divided among 18 classes, 3 lands full of quests and PvPs, around 200 quests, and much, much more.  Yslandia features a high color cartoon design, and from the video, it looks to be quite similar to that of Defender Chronicles.

On top of all the MMO features, Yslandia will feature OpenFeint achievements, along with the ability to fight with people in random dungeons.

October 1st, please arrive soon.

We’ll have our review up soon after the release, and hope to see you on the playing field.  But before that, feast your eyes upon this short gameplay video.

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  1. I’ve been playing that for months (it’s been available for a while on the French appstore) and it’s awesome. A lot better than Pocket Legends, for example (although graphics are 2D, it suits very well this kind of game).

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