Namco releases Knightfall for FREE w/ IAP

Namco quietly released Knightfall: Death and Taxes to the app store today.

Knightfall: Death and Taxes is based upon the free Flash games Knightfall and Knightfall 2, created by Megadev and originally published via the Armor Games Flash gaming portal.

Knightfall is a puzzle RPG in which players take on the role of the titular knight, whose lance is actually a drill. Players travel to various locations on a world map in which they must engage in block puzzles. The knight is capable of drilling downward, eliminating groups of blocks as he goes. The board can be rotated using arrows on the screen, allowing players to reorient “down”. The object of each puzzle is to collect keys to open the exit, battling enemies and eliminating blocks along the way. Drilling costs action points until they are depleted, with drilling then costing hit points. Players must solve each level before working themselves literally to death. Battling enemies earns gold and experience points which can be used to strengthen your knight. The princess is also available as a playable character.

I really enjoyed the Knightfall Flash games, and Knightfall: Death and Taxes looks to be just as fun. The game is a free download, with three additional level packs — The Noble Quests ($3.99), The Rewards of Bravery ($1.99) and Every Honour ($4.99) — available via in-app purchase.

The game’s app store description boasts over 100 stages in story mode, but it is unclear whether that number has been tallied with or without the in-app purchases. Regardless, Knightfall: Death and Taxes is worth checking out.

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