OpenFeint Playtime: Cross Platform, Real-time Multiplayer

In the wake of Apple’s Game Center announcement for iOS 4.1, OpenFeint has announced a new feature called OpenFeint Playtime, a feature that allows cross-platform, real-time multiplayer between iOS and Android devices.  It’ll also have real-time voice chat along with up to 16-players in a single lobby.

While OpenFeint playtime is still in private beta (which you can apply for now), it hopefully shouldn’t take too long.  With Game Center and Playtime all coming soon, it’s safe to think that online multiplayer will finally be able to be implemented in most games.

We’ll be following OpenFeint Playtime’s development, and hopefully we get our hands on it soon.

If you’re a developer and want to check it out, be sure to find it on their website here.

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