Maple Story: Thief Edition Review: Not what it could be

Maple Story is one of the most successful MMORPGs thus far, with over 100 million users worldwide.  It’s also one of the first 2D side-scrolling MMORPGs made.  So it only makes sense to bring the experience (albeit single player) to the iPhone, after releasing it on a numerous number of mobile phones.

I will admit that I did play Maple Story at one time and was a complete newbie at it.  I leveled up to around level 30, then decided to stop playing since I had other things to do, and the game started to get a bit boring.  The multiplayer experience wasn’t all that great, but leveling up by yourself and buying items from the shop was probably the most appealing part of Maple Story.

The cash shop was also quite appealing, but I never delved into those waters.

With all that said, I was quite surprised when Maple Story: Thief Edition was brought to the App Store.  It wasn’t the fact that Nexon was looking into the App Store or the fact that it was unannounced; it was just a game that I never even thought would appear in the App Store.

And as of right now, I wish it was released a bit later, after researching the App Store market, making the texts more polished, and prettying up the graphics.


Maple Story world: If you’re familiar with the Maple Story world, this one will look almost exactly the same.  Sure, it feels a bit smaller, but the initial, side-scrolling gameplay is there, and a familiar musical score will be sounding out in the background.  The baddies are also more or less the same, and the city designs seem to be quite parallel to the MMORPG version.

Controls: The large d-pad to the left is actually not too bad, although there are some times when it does get in the way.  But all in all, it’s not something anyone should really worry about.


Auto-save: One piece of evidence that can be used against Nexon to prove that it didn’t research the App Store is the fact that Maple Story Thief Edition does not have auto-save.  That type of problem existed maybe year 1 of the App Store, when developers didn’t know how to implement it and whatnot.  But now?  This is a rare problem.  One phone call and your entire character could be reduced to the dust from whence it come.

Sloppy: I look at this port as a way to cash in on the Maple Story name.  The text is very basic: Marker Felt.  The UI is mediocre at best.  Graphics are way too pixelated, the animations are horrendous, and the music is basically the same one used in the browser version.  This game looks like almost no effort went into it: scale down the browser graphics, include the same music, and make it not online.  I honestly don’t know who developed Maple Story: Thief Edition (maybe Wizet), but this is a pathetic port.

Quests: I feel like there is a direction to the whole Thief Edition thing, but the quests are typical fight this, find that.  It does get a bit boring after a while, and after seeing so many of these types of RPGs, I’m getting a bit tired of them.  So if you don’t like games that are basically “Kill 5 Stumps” and “Find so-and-so in XYZ City”, then this is definitely a game to avoid.

I hate sloppy.  I hate mediocre.  Therefore, I hate Maple Story: Thief Edition.  It’s another attempt by a large company to cash in on its name, and that just doesn’t sit well with me.  Obviously not every single App Store shopper can read this review, but if you are reading this, save yourself a couple of bucks.

Maple Story: Thief Edition was developed by Nexon Mobile, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 4.  The price is $4.99.

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