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Solipskier Review: Rockin’ the Rhythm

Simple and casual games are definitely my type of game; the ones that you can just pick up and play no matter where you are, what you’re doing, and/or how long you’re waiting for.  That’s one of the main reasons why the iPhone and iPod touch are flourishing as gaming devices, and I don’t see the wave of casual games ending anytime soon.

That brings us to Solipskier, a game that brings originality to an App Store that’s filled with originality: Rolando, Fruit Ninja, Flight Control, etc.  While it is a port of a flash game, it’s something the App Store itself has not seen before, and I’m actually quite enjoying it.

Solipskier does take a while to get hooked onto, and it would be nice if it included some achievements, but as a whole, Solipskier is a game that doesn’t have too many flaws.  Add iPad support to the list of likes, so you really have nothing to complain about.


Universal: I guess now the meaning of Universal would be iPad support, iPhone 3G and 3GS support, and iPhone 4 support.  And Solipskier does all that, with Retina graphics, iPad graphics, and graphics for the usual iPhone 3G, 3GS, and iPod touches.  What people don’t notice is the fact that creating all these graphics in their respected resolutions takes a long time (from what I hear), so it’s awesome when a developer goes out of his or her way to give more content for quite less.

Art style: I thought the art style, graphics, and color blend were really nice, and the font also blended in nicely.  While I wouldn’t say this is the best art I’ve seen on the App Store, I think it would be safe to say that it’s one of the best.  It’s not too complicated, but there’s enough there to have, surprisingly, a lot of appeal.

Music: I love rock.  Classical, modern, metal, heavy metal (although not so much)… The soundtrack for Solipskier is actually quite the beat, with guitar solos sounding like it could be playing from the lead guitarist of Dragonforce.


No achievements: Solipskier does have OpenFeint implemented into it, but only for online leaderboards.  OpenFeint is something that must be applied with achievements to be successful, and while it’s great that I can compete with others, the lack of achievements is quite noticeable.

Solipskier is a fun game that really doesn’t have a lot of bad things.  No achievements, sure, but the art style, music choice, gameplay, and universal-ness makes this one an easy pick for $2.99.  Some may complain that the price is too high and others may say that it’s just too simple.  What I say is that it’s just good, clean fun.

Solipskier was developed by Mikengreg, and I played through version 1.1 on my iPhone 4 and iPad.  The price is $2.99, and you can play the flash game for free on their website.

  1. diffusion8r on Sunday 22, 2010

    Not that it’s your fault but this is a time where reviews lie or do not tell the whole story.

    Yes, on paper this game is good but not great but it has within weeks become my most played game.