Quabbus joins the cast of 100 Rogues

Since its release, 100 Rogues has been a favorite here at NoDpad. The 1.0.6 update hit the app store today, bringing several excellent additions to an already excellent game.

In previous versions, each dungeon floor has contained a shuttered item shop. With version 1.0.6, Quabbus the shopkeeper has returned from his travels abroad, and the item shop is open for business! Monsters and treasure chests now occasionally drop gold which can be spent in Quabbus’ shop on various wares. The update also includes many new weapons, consumables and other types of items.

From the 100 Rogues blog, “The Item Shop in 100 Rogues is run by a strange fellow named Quabbus.  He’s only found here and there, but he has an assortment of interesting items.  There are some items you can only get from Quabbus!  It’s sure to be a game-changer, and one thing I know everyone will appreciate is that while his assortment of items is random, he always has one food-type item in his inventory.  This will make it so that you have a bit more wiggle room for food.”

Another good reason to get excited about the shop is that is allows players even greater control in how to develop their character. Luck is still an important element, however, as Quabbus’ wares are randomized on each floor. The update includes a number of other additions, including two new monsters, various UI improvements, and a number of important bug fixes. The full rundown for the 1.0.6 update is below. 100 Rogues is available for $4.99 as a universal app for both the iPhone and iPad, and earned our ‘Must Have’ rating when we reviewed it last spring.

New Features!
Quabbus the Shopkeeper has returned from his Foreign Land with wares for you to purchase
Gold now drops from treasure / some monsters
Multi-branding! On super-rare occasion, items will be created with multiple special effects, such as swords that immobilize foes and grant strength while equipped

Known Issues
Yellow Potions do not function

New Content!
2 New Monsters
Many New weapons, consumables and otherwise items
New sounds used for items when equipped / dropped

UI Upgrades!
New icons for poison, soften, etc., status effects
iPhone Map icon has been bumped down, making it easier to press

Bug Fixes
Issues with Weapon Focus leveling up the wrong weapon after loading have been resolved
Weapons of Vampire no longer restore health from non-weapon damage
Satan should now properly load into the game under all circumstances
Challenge Mode tiles no longer appear in the main game
Faith now correctly aligns on iPad

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