The War of Eustrath released for iPhone

The War of Eustrath has been released for the iPhone. We took a hard look at the game back in June when iQubi released the game as an iPad exclusive, and recommended it as a Must Have title for RPG gamers. With the release of the iPhone version, the game’s excellent characters, rich story, exquisite artwork and deep combat become available to an even wider audience. The War of Eustrath holds up well on the smaller screen. Rather than simply scaling the interface to the iPhone’s smaller display, iQubi took the time and effort to redesign much of the UI. As a result, the game plays very comfortably on the iPhone. Those looking for a well-crafted RPG will not want to miss this one. For an in-depth review, see our June coverage of The War of Eustrath HD for iPad.

App Store Links: iPhone $5.99 / iPad $7.99

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