‘Archetype’ Updated, Becomes More Worthy of Purchase

Archetype was an intriguing first-person shooter that I enjoyed… only for a few minutes at a time.  I thought that the online play itself was great, but with only one gameplay mode and not too much of a variety, Archetype failed to be THE BEST first-person shooter the iPhone has seen.

But the developers seemed to have listened to my pleas, adding a huge 1.3.1 update with one more gameplay mode, one new level, gyroscopic controls, and a number of bug fixes.  Controls can also be edited to be inverted, and blood can either be turned on or off.

Here’s the full update list:

  • New level: Avarice! Avarice features extreme vertical combat around the central power core. The jump pads in this level launch you higher and further than before. Fly over your enemies and snipe them from above.
  • New game mode! In Rocket Arena play the popular level Pride with a new twist: rocket launchers only. One rocket shot will take out any enemy (or friend) and without auto-fire, only the best will survive!
  • Gyroscopic aim assist: This first implementation allows iPhone 4 owners an early glimpse at Gyroscope controls. “Look-around” and more aiming options in next update. Stay tuned.
  • Facebook connect. Post medals and ranks you earn to your Facebook wall!
  • Info button: read news, see new features and get notified of upcoming fixes.
  • User controls for inverting yaw and for disabling blood.
  • Automatic screen rotation (on iOS4)
  • In addition some notable bugs have been squashed:
  • Fix for spawning too close to enemies.
  • Fix for players appearing to be holding an axe while holding the default rifle.
  • Fix for crash at end of game for iPod 2nd Gen, due to low memory, meaning you wont have to restart your device as often.
  • Many other fixes, tweaks and optimizations.

And with those updates, I think I can bump my review up to a ‘Buy‘ rating.  While I still think the animations could use some work—Eliminate contains some great animations—Archetype is slowly being improved.  Hopefully by the next update, it’ll be good enough to warrant the Must Have.

If this is your first time reading about this game, be sure to check out our review and our interview with lead developer Dane Baker.

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