Osmos Released on iPhone After Previously Being iPad Exclusive

iPad owners are now no longer the only portable gamers with the opportunity to enjoy Osmos.  If you haven’t tried out the game before, Osmos starts off by placing you in a relaxing environment with simple goals.  As a rounded piece of glowing matter on the screen, you grow by propelling yourself towards other smaller pieces of matter and absorbing them.  Larger pieces float around you as well and need to be avoided until you’re large enough to absorb them.  The big catch is that moving yourself sacrifices size, so movement needs to be used sparingly and strategically.  As levels progress, the challenges get more complex and different elements like gravity are thrown into the mix.

Osmos for iPhone comes with the expected controls of tapping to propel yourself, the ability to slow down time by swiping, and zooming by the familiar pinching.  Osmos also includes OpenFeint support.

The game is complimented by an ambient soundtrack that really works well to set the mood.  If you’d like to try a demo before buying, there’s one available for PC, Mac, or Linux at the official website that offers a couple of levels.  Also, the title of this article isn’t entirely accurate: there were desktop versions also available for $10 before now.  Nonetheless, the iPhone version is now available for $2.99.  We haven’t gotten our hands on this new release just yet, but if the iPad version is any indicator, this should be a solid port of a great game for those in the mood for a relaxing time.

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