Puzzler ‘Luxor’ Currently Free

We first reviewed Luxor way back in August of last year, making it almost a full year since the review went up for this game.  I remember playing this game a fair amount at its release, and Daniel enjoyed it as well when he gave it a Buy recommendation.

Luxor is a puzzle game that pits you against a stream of coloured balls that are travelling around a predetermined path.  You job is to get rid of them before they reach the end, and as quickly as possible.  To do this, you fire balls up from the bottom of the screen, and try to time the shots so that the ball you fire connects into other balls of the same colour and causes them to disappear.  Think Zuma, or StoneLoops of Jurassica, for an idea of a similar game.

I preferred StoneLoops of Jurassica over Luxor, but free is a hard price to beat and only one of these games is still in the app store!

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