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Update for ‘Pro Evolution Soccer 2010′ Released, Fixes Many Issues

Konami released a 1.3 update to their soccer game Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, and it has added some things that I disliked.  One particular feature seems to be the ability to manually switch players, which in the version before, was not possible.  This seemed to be a major oversight from Konami, but luckily, they have added it along with many other fixes and features.

Here’s a list of all that’s been updated:

  • Manual switch of defending player (button mode only): When you don’t have the ball, tap on any free part of the screen to switch player.
  • Kick feint: Prepare a shot and quickly press B (or tap on any free part of the screen in Touch controls) when the power gauge appears.
  • Improvement of ball control reactivity (less latency when a player controls the ball).
  • Improvement of headers.
  • Improvement of performance on iPhone 3G.
  • Yellow and red cards management in competitions.
  • Display scorers’ names on Pause/Half-time menu.
  • Improvement of the simulation of the other match results in a competition.
  • Improvement of the camera angle in Offside replay.
  • Improvement of the team random selection in Quick match and Exhibition.
  • Fix of miscellaneous little bugs.

If this is your first time hearing about Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, be sure to check out our review.  Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is available in the App Store for $6.99.

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