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Highborn News: Free for Today, iPad Version Out, New Update Released

The people over developing Highborn are quite busy at work, with three different news pieces: an HD version has been released, the game has been put off to free for today, and a new update has been released with OpenFeint’s turn-by-turn multiplayer along with leaderboards and achievements.

If you haven’t tried Highborn yet, it’s a quirky take on turn-based strategy, using medieval knights, wizards, and heroes to complete your quest.  As I said before, there is also online multiplayer and a lengthy campaign mode, making for one of the best free games ever made free.

I’m going to assume it’s free for today only, so be sure to pick it up right away.  And if you like the iPhone version for free, be sure to check out the game on the iPad for $2.99.

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