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‘Hero of Sparta II’ Now available in the App Store

Hero of Sparta II has finally made its way into the App Store, the sequel to one of the best action games of its time.  The Hero of Sparta series is supposed to be somewhat of a copy of God of War, pitting you as King Argos against the mythical creatures of Greek mythology.

The sequel does include iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS specific graphics, and the combat system has been greatly improved to include combo attacks and such.  Hero of Sparta II contains a total of 12 levels over 8 different environments, and there are also new weapons to wield.  The game reportedly lasts anywhere from 6-9 hours.

Hero of Sparta II is available on the App Store now for $6.99.  If you’ve already purchased the game, be sure to post your impressions in the forums thread.

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