Let’s Golf 2 Review: Improved, yet not Impressed

I was excited for Let’s Golf 2.  I didn’t have high expectations for it; I was just excited.  But I guess excitement is a funny thing that makes expectations creep on you, and in this case, I guess expectations did creep on me a little bit.

For one, I’m not all that impressed with Let’s Golf 2.  Sure there are a ton of items, content, and online multiplayer, but none of that really had me saying, “Wow, what a great sequel!”  Instead it felt like I was going through the motions again, playing Let’s Golf all over again after beating it.

On top of that, the graphics aren’t all that impressive.  Sure, they updated it for the iPhone 4 Retina display and there are parts like the character models that are quite crisp and well-done.  But other parts like the loading screen, menu buttons, and some background images are still pixelated, meaning half of it is Retina-ized while the other half isn’t.

I’m not saying it’s a bad game or anything, but the number “2” really does make you realize its flaws.


Character models: Let’s Golf 2 sports some of the best character models I’ve seen, thanks to Gameloft’s optimizations for the iPhone 4.  The characters are far from pixelated, and the crispness really stands out.  While I don’t see anything else that’s reall eye-popping, I have to commend Gameloft for this one aspect of the game.

Content: Let’s Golf 2 has a ton of content, with each environment containing atleast 6 or 7 different challenges or missions.  I can’t put an exact dot on how long it takes to beat the game, but just expect to be playing the game for a long time.

Items: The number of items and characters in the game is quite extensive, with 6 items each for hair, clothes, clubs, and balls.  There are a total of 8 characters also, each unlocked by playing the numerous campaign levels.


Music: The game music seems to be worse than the first one, and the repetitive nature of it had me turn it off after a couple of rounds.  It’s better than some of the other soundtracks I’ve heard on the App Store, but it’s still horrendous.

Physics: The ball does some crazy stuff, like bounce off the green and out of bounds almost as if the grass is a trampoline.  The ball also sometimes just goes into the cup when it’s clearly a couple of inches off.  I’m not expecting the physics to be awesome or eye-popping, but it has to be realistic even in an unrealistic golfing experience.

Repetitive: You do find yourself feeling tired of golfing, since a lot of the action is more or less the same.

All or nothing: Half of the game is made for the Retina display, while half of it is stuck in the iPhone 3G era.  While I’m happy with the fact that Gameloft tried, the graphics are usually all or nothing; anything out of order is really noticeable and becomes more of an eyesore.

Let’s Golf 2 is still a solid sequel to one of the best games on the App Store.  While there are some errors and flaws with the overall game, I’m still having fun with it.  I guess it just didn’t have the surprise factor anymore, meaning it doesn’t have the “I haven’t seen this before, this is awesome” feeling backing it.  So while I wasn’t impressed with it, it’s still not bad.

Let’s Golf 2 was developed by Gameloft, and I played through version 1.0.1 on my iPhone 4.  The price is $4.99.

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