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‘NOVA’ Updated for iPhone 4 Retina and Gyroscopic Controls

Gameloft has decided yet again to provide some free content for its users, this time the iPhone 4 treatment was given to NOVA.  NOVA still stands as one of our favorite first-person shooters on the iPhone, and with smooth online multiplayer, a pretty impressive campaign mode, and great graphics, I really don’t have many reasons for you not to get it.

It was also voted as one of the best games in the App Store in our two year round up, and again, there’s nothing that beats it (Modern Combat Sandstorm is actually on par).

While I’m not too positive on how many games Gameloft will update to include iPhone 4 support, let’s just hope they update Modern Combat next… then UNO… then… whatever else they have on the list.

Just a word of warning though to those about to update it: there is a bug that causes both the movement and firing button to disappear while using the gyroscopic control method.  Someone on iTunes also mentions that the update erases your progress, although the validity of that statement is yet to be determined.

And if you haven’t picked up NOVA yet, be sure to check out our review.

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