100 Rogues goes Universal

100 Rogues has received a major update, and is now a universal app supporting both the iPhone and iPad. The list of changes in 1.0.5 is pretty substantial, featuring many additions, improvements, corrections and balance tweaks. If you haven’t yet played 100 Rogues, it’s one of the app store’s finest roguelikes, and I was a big fan when I reviewed the game a few months back. The full list changelog for the new update is below.

New Features:
100 Rogues is now a Universal App! iPad users can now enjoy a seamlessly integrated menu and clean game interface
Intro cutscene now rendered in-engine. Enjoy faster game loads and smaller update file size!

UI Tweaks
Items manually added to quick slots and thrown will return automatically to quick slots when picked up
Menu button has been replaced by Attack button for precision targeting
Trash can button added to items menu, which drops selected items (dragging items offscreen still functions as before)
Intro cutscene can now be disabled via the preferences menu
Main Menu can be accessed from difficulty selection prompt by touching outside of the difficulty buttons

Balance Changes:
Loot generation revamped. Slightly fewer treasure chests exist, each with significantly improved loot variation
Loot now varies between Bandit Hole and Dungeon worlds appropriately
Strength is no longer an upgradeable stat for the Fairy Wizard
Exploits removed from genie fight
Wand now deals damage based on current energy

New Content:
9 new consumable items added
New explosion graphic

Bug Fixes:
Numerous stability improvements
Items now stack properly in inventory
Items no longer occasionally disappear from inventory
Stairs Up now use correct graphic when reloading a game
Ranged Attack Projectiles are now properly updated when switching between throwing items, and shooting different ranged weapons
New High Scores will now read “Defeated Genie” and “Defeated Satan” for the appropriate accomplishment.

Coming this summer, the developer promises the Item Shop will finally open, a new player character will become available, and a new dungeon — HELL — will be added to the game, along with a new boss. 100 Rogues continues to grow and improve. If you haven’t gotten it yet … well, what are you waiting for?!

DinoFarm Games is also holding a Design a Monster Contest. To participate, check out the rules here. Your design could appear in a future update to 100 Rogues!

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