Fruit Ninja HD Review: Slice those Fruits… Again

Fruit Ninja is hands down my favorite casual game of all time.  I can’t focus on Flight Control long enough anymore, and Harbor Master’s days have been numbered.  Other casual games such as Ninjatown: Trees of Doom have also stolen my heart, but again, they haven’t been able to steal it for too long.

Then there’s games like Alphabetic that I still play, ever since the launch of the game itself, but for some reason Fruit Ninja has hooked me in more than anything else.  Now with my raving done, we get down and dissect the iPad port of the greatest iPhone game.


Still great: The addictive factor is still there, and the best part is the fact that you’re able to achieve all those OpenFeint achievements again, meaning you’ll be able to earn another 500 or so points for the game.  The detail on the iPad is great, and although it isn’t mind-blowing, Fruit Ninja HD is still the greatness it was on the iPhone.

More accurate: The thing about the iPad version is that you can cut even the outside skin of the fruit and be able to slice, whereas on the iPhone, you have to be accurate.  Fruit Ninja HD allows you to get down to the pixel in terms of accuracy, allowing for more flexibility in terms of avoiding bombs while slicing fruits.

Two-player mode: The two player mode isn’t all that creative, but the sending-of-bombs is definitely a fun way to destroy your opponent.  It does get quite competitive and hectic, especially when I’m playing against my brother, and it’s a nice little addition to the Fruit Ninja club.


Not much added: The two-player mode can hardly be noted as “adding something”.  It’s far from creative, it’s pretty basic, and other than that, the gameplay hasn’t been altered much.  I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, but for almost 5 times the price of the iPhone game, there has to be something in here.  And the two-player mode isn’t worth $3.99.

Graphics: I just think that Halfbrick Studios could have done better with the graphics and the artwork for the iPad version of the game.  The fruits do look improved, but the background artwork and some of the icons don’t look like they’ve been really made for the iPad.  A lot of the work seems to be just scaled images of the iPhone version, and more detail would have been the way to go.

Fruit Ninja HD is basically what I’ve been wanting.  Basically.  If you’ve got this App Store gem on your iPhone or iPod touch, then the iPad version really isn’t worth getting, in my opinion.  But if you don’t have this game at all, be sure to pick up the iPad version since it’s got everything plus a little more.  With that said, I enjoyed Fruit Ninja HD and can’t wait to see what else they have in store.

Fruit Ninja HD was developed by Halfbrick Studios, and I played through version 1.00 on my iPad.  The price is $4.99.

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