Disney Releases ‘Tron’ for iPhone, Free

While Disney‘s movie Tron hasn’t captured my attention yet, the game sure looks like a lot of fun.  From the sparse game description and the screenshots, it looks to be an online multiplayer dual-stick shooter, although I could be wrong.  The last screenshot shows some sort of “user profile received” stuff, but I can’t really make out what that is/means.

But anyways, all the detective nonsense aside, you won’t have to be doing this if you just download the game.  Disney, to the happiness of App Store customers, has released Tron for completely free with no hidden costs and such.

You can download Tron on the App Store now for, you guessed it, free.  Already downloaded it?  Be sure to leave your impressions below in the comments.

Binary translation:

This TRON app will evolve. ComiTRON coming 072210.

Something else is coming too, so you might want to check the App Store July 22nd.

iTunes link:

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One thought on “Disney Releases ‘Tron’ for iPhone, Free

  1. Probably the film hasn’t captured your attention simply because you’re too young to have any fond memories of the original film. The original was most definitely a product of its era, but at the time was a stunningly unique film with a premise unlike anything before it.

    All we need now is for someone to remake The Last Starfighter …

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