Archetype: Interview with Lead Producer Dane Baker

Archetype was released into the App Store and rose the rankings by a storm, providing some solid online play.  While I personally thought that more could have been added, after my talk with Dane Baker, it sounds like more is actually coming soon.  With that said, here’s our interview with lead producer Dane Baker.

NoDPad: What motivated you to create Archetype?
Dane Baker: We’re all huge fans of the FPS genre and we wanted to bring the best parts of that experience to the iPhone and iPod touch – things like in-game radar, team-based deathmatch, BuddyLists and more.

NoDPad: Do you feel comfortable with the competition in the App Store?
DB: We are entirely focused on Archetype. For us it’s not about looking over our shoulder but working very hard to make the game an even better experience for our customers. The rest takes care of itself.

NDP: What went into the development process of Archetype?
DB: About 4,384 two-liters of Diet Mountain Dew, 2,842 large pizzas… The short answer is about a year of extremely hard work. I’m extremely proud of this very dedicated group at Villain and MunkyFun, our development partner. Just goes to show you that with enough talent and dedication you can accomplish anything.

NDP: How did you create such smooth online multiplayer, with no lags and such?
DB: Pixie dust, mostly. One member of our team is a witch. Put the two together and you have FPS magic (plus some pretty nasty ice cream headaches).

NDP: What are your thoughts on the iPhone 4’s Retina Display?
DB: It was quite unexpected from Apple to go that route this generation but what a display-it’s a developer’s dream and we’re thrilled that Archetype takes full advantage of the high resolution. The game actually runs a separate engine just for iPhone 4.

NDP: What updates are you planning for Archetype?
DB: If I told you, I’d have to kill you. Okay not really. We’ve got some exciting things coming down the pipe but I don’t want to spill the beans too soon; suffice to say some very cool things are coming soon that we think our customers will really enjoy.

NDP: Any closing thoughts?
DB: On behalf of everybody that worked on Archetype, I’d like to thank our customers – you guys (and girls!) are the best group of fans in the world and we feel honored to be able to make cool stuff for you to enjoy. The initial response has been humbling and we can only say “stay tuned.” This is just the beginning.

Thanks for your time, Dane Baker!  For more information on Archetype, be sure to check out our full review.  We’re definitely excited to see what Villain has in store for us.

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