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‘Inotia 3: The Children of Carnia’ Coming to the App Store

Com2us has been hard at work in delivering the next installment in their Inotia series.  Inotia 2 was one of our favorite RPGs, and it received the Must Have award for basically being the greatest RPG out there.  We’re definitely excited for the next in the series, but I don’t expect a huge jump from the second one.

While information is very vague, Com2us did post about an Inotia 3 contest they were running on their website.  While the game doesn’t look like it’s going to be released anytime soon (they’re still naming characters), atleast we know that it’s being worked on.

We’ll post more information as it becomes available.

  1. 2wiceNice on Monday 12, 2010

    I hope it comes out sometime this week!!!!