‘Brother in Arms 2’ Updated for iPhone 4 Retina Display

Brothers in Arms 2 was a solid first-person shooter that was a lot of fun; it just didn’t feel as good as it’s predecessor NOVA and Modern Combat Sandstorm.  While Gameloft never usually updates their games with content and such, they decided to update the graphics for BIA 2 for the iPhone 4 display.

This move is quite surprising, considering the fact that again, Gameloft never updates its games.  The fact that the update was free is also quite appalling, and let’s hope Gameloft updates most or even all of their games to support the iPhone’s new display.

With that said, if this is your first time hearing about BIA 2, be sure to check out our review of the game.  It’s definitely one of the top first-person shooters on the market, but don’t expect anything like a robust online multiplayer mode.

Brothers in Arms 2 is available on the App Store for $4.99.

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5 thoughts on “‘Brother in Arms 2’ Updated for iPhone 4 Retina Display

  1. Minor updates, yes. Content updates? No. They almost never update their games with content, which is why I was so surprised with the move here. Either way it’s good news 😀

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