‘Xenome – Episode 1’ Out now in the App Store

Open-world RPG isn’t too far away, as Xenome Episode 1 has finally been released onto the App Store.  But contrary to assumptions and such, Episode 1 actually contains over 60 missions, an open-world to explore, tons of enemies to fight, and a plethora of loot to collect.

From all the buzz, it seems as if Episode 1 should last around 4-6 hours depending how bad you are at the game, and for $4.99, it’s a reasonable deal.  Unfortunately for most people though, the game only supports 3rd generation devices and higher (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch third gen).

It is quite unfortunate, but the developers are hard at work to bring the game to almost everyone in the coming updates.  They also promise that by episode 3, it will become an online MMORPG, but only time will tell if that will ever happen.  Developers tend to promise extravagant things and never follow through, so don’t keep your hopes too high now.

Xenome Episode 1 is available for $4.99 as a limited time introductory price.

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  1. Would be more interested if it ran as a native ipad app. Doing less and less gaming on my ipod touch since getting and Ipad.

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