Ace Tennis 2010 Online Review: Sports gone Bad

Ace Tennis Online, the first in the series, was one of my favorite games.  Competing against people online and fighting for a spot on the leaderboards was somewhat appealing, and I played the game literally for hours.  So when I picked up Ace Tennis 2010 Online, I immediately reminisced of my long wasted, yet totally awesome hours playing Ace Tennis Online.

And boy, what the heck happened?  It’s almost as if Eurocenter took a leap backwards into the Jurassic era, delivering inconsistent online play, poor single player campaigns, and uberly sensitive controls.  On top of that, the animations are quite poor, leading me to believe that this sequel is quite worse than the one before and shows no signs of improvement; it’s been over a year and I’m sad to bash a sequel to one of my favorite games.

I still can’t believe my heart and mind when they’re telling me it’s a horrible game, but in reality, it is.  Ace Tennis 2010 Online may as well be the worst sports title I have ever played (right next to 9 Innings Pro Baseball 2011, but we’ll get to that later).




Inconsistent online play: There is a ton of lag within the game, people complain of me not showing on the screen, and the lag overall is unbearable.  With a game such as this revolving around online multiplayer, this poor experience is quite unacceptable.  Even with the connection speed at fast, the game lags tremendously, with characters appearing at one corner of the tennis court when they’re actually at the other.  I thought a sequel was supposed to be an improvement?

Nothing added: You really can’t say that adding 3 characters and “all new visuals” is adding something.  Because it really doesn’t do anything at all other than have the choice between being a boy or girl (man or woman, however you want to put it).  The single player is lacking (like in all Eurocenter games), and there’s nothing here that warrants a price tag 5 times that of Ace Tennis Online at the time of release.

Poor animations: Sure the characters look all spiffy and such, but the animations are choppy, framerate is questionable, and movement is just an overall horrendous experience.  I could overlook them in the first of the series, but Ace Tennis 2010 Online is supposed to show some improvement; instead, the animations are more or less as horrible as the ones before.

D-pad controls: The d-pad or joystick controls are much too sensitive and are useless from my experience; you’ll want to stick with the drag control method even if there are flaws with that method also.

I can go on and on about how horrible this sports title is.  With online multiplayer not working well, the core of the game, there’s nothing really here but a bunch of buttons here and there.  I’m surprised by this terrible effort from Eurocenter, and hopefully they start to open their eyes and realize that they have to update this stupid game.

Ace Tennis 2010 Online was developed by Eurocenter, and I played through version 1.01 on my iPhone 4.  The price is $4.99.

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