OpenFeint 2.5 Now Available, Features Include Turn-Based Multiplayer

OpenFeint is personally my favorite social networking platform on the iPhone, with stark competition from the likes of Crystal, Plus+, AGON Online, and Scoreloop.  And while many of the social platforms have more or less the same features (online leaderboards and achievements), OpenFeint has pulled itself ahead of the gang with its release of the OpenFeint 2.5 SDK.

This will allow developers to integrate what seems to be turn-based online multiplayer into their games, making OpenFeint become more and more like Xbox Live.  While it’s not clear if it will also support real-time multiplayer (probably not), this is definitely a sweet update that should bring a new wave of multiplayer to games.

Turn-based multiplayer works through the iPhone’s push notification system, which will notify you whenever your opponent has made a move.  This allows your game to go on for days at a time at your own pace, or even in one sitting over the span of a couple of minutes/hours.

While we’ll have to wait for developers to implement this into their games, it’s definitely exciting to see the growth of this already-wonderful social platform.  OpenFeint 2.5 has definitely pulled OpenFeint ahead of most of the competition, literally making it the coolest thing since sliced awesome.

You can check out their website for more info on the OpenFeint 2.5 SDK.

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